Speedy trials, quality data, enhanced patient comfort, and optimized drug development. As Cytestream aims to strengthen clinical studies, there are benefits to all stakeholders in the drug development cycle.

Cytestream lets you:

  • View built-in dashboards for quick status summary across studies and locations. Drill down for site/ trial/ subject-specific information; find critical data at fingertips.

  • Eliminate data inconsistencies. Capture all relevant protocol and patient details in templates. See status plans and enrolments, anytime, from anywhere.

  • Assign tasks to staff at trial sites; remove confusion about roles. View staff utilization data and facilitate resource optimization.

  • Create a systematic monitoring plan for each trial and site. Reduce physical monitoring time and expense.

  • Monitor violations and adverse events from a centralized location. Track status on follow-up actions. Analyze quality data for each trial and site for data-driven, objective, and transparent monitoring.

  • Manage all essential documents in a single, centralized, cloud-based system. Empower site managers through information.

  • Get an integrated view of financial information and see the performance across sites and trials.

  • Organize and view all key trial procedures’ data as reports. Create easy trial histories accessible through a centralized repository.

  • Store essential contact details, names of vendors, site managers, etc, in an e-repository. Bid goodbye to unwieldy xl formats and printed sheets.


To sites:

  • Increased productivity.

  • Consistent processes.

  • Organized documentation.

  • Better patient compliance.

  • Accurate financial management of trials.

To sponsors and CRO teams:

  • Increased visibility into on-site activities.

  • Centralized document management.

To the overall study:

  • Access to blinded patient information improves quality of feasibility.

  • Better patient status visibility and patient compliance.

  • More accurate financial management of investigator grant.