Cytestream supports and streamlines all aspects of a trial site’s operations, through defined process-flows and templates. Leveraging data from other systems in an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, it serves as a single platform integral to trial conduct.

Plan and start

  • Patient database management. Use an up-to-date patient database to locate the right participants for every trial.

  • Centralized feasibility management. Create patient registries at sites; facilitate accurate predictions of recruitment. Use centralized document sharing across sites to reduce time and effort for feasibilities.

  • Training and document management. Upload the right training material for each trial, patient visit, or procedure in electronic format, through a centralized repository. Download them instantly across locations.

Set-up the study on site

  • Study set-up. Define and select the sites, users and procedures to be conducted. List protocols and criteria. Share it with relevant stakeholders.

  • Patient management. Identify and allocate resources required for each patient, for each visit. Prepare the site in advance. Communicate instructions to patients – documents to be brought, diet practices, etc.

  • Financial set-up. Plan and control the finances. Allocate budgets to each study or site. Link them to milestones for staggered payments and to realise value at each stage of the trial.

Conduct and complete the study

  • Visit tracking. Schedule patient visits, create detailed calendars, and send automated reminders. Eliminate overlaps. Easily access patient case files, check processes scheduled for each visit, and enter relevant data.

  • Financial tracking. Get quick and detailed updates about the financial viability of your trials/ sites. Send invoices. Manage receivables and payments, and reduce errors.

  • Reports. Create and send timely reports using defined formats. Cytestream’s advanced functionality makes up-to-the-moment data available to sites, and CROs and sponsors, to support greater compliance and protocol requirements.