Cytestream is a powerful, on-demand site information and management system to automate and simplify trial processes. Its extensive functionality comes in attractive commercial packages, making it the perfect solution to help you scale operations.

Here are more reasons why it’s just right for your trial sites:

  • Compliant with CFR Part 11.

  • Can be accessed securely by any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Does not store data on any local machine.

  • Intuitive screen design and features for quick learning and adoption.

  • Cloud-based; so no installation required.

  • 100% network uptime with managed back-up and disaster recovery.

  • Cost-effective.

Cytestream is also easy to deploy and use. Apart from built-in training materials to help new users, it comes with e-mail and telephone support. Users also get tele-training at regular intervals.

Cytestream is an offering from Cytespace – a leading provider of Clinical Research Trial Sites Solutions. It combines its knowledge of technology and the phrama industry to deliver unique value to users, and is the first in an integrated suite of clinical trial management solutions.

Cytespace aims to optimize drug development and create a reliable, efficient, eco-system to further pharmaceutical research and better health. As part of its mission, it leverages technology to sustain positive outcomes in clinical research.