Clinical site managers seek to ease operational challenges while trial sponsors require solutions to improve transparency and monitoring. Presenting Cytestream, the single solution to do all these and more.

Its extensive functionality makes operations simple, reliable, and profitable, for trial sites as well as sponsors.

Clinical trial sites

Keeping clinical trial operations profitable in the wake of long-drawn, complex studies, competition for skilled talent, and challenging patient management practices is indeed a tough task. Communication gaps between on-site teams and CROs, and delayed payments only compound matters.

To build a steady-pipeline of projects and squeeze cost out of operations, clinical trial sites need efficient, process-driven approaches. Cytestream’s intelligent modules make this possible.

Use it to:

  • Streamline all aspects of trial implementation and management.

  • Eliminate errors and improve productivity.

  • Document, store, and share trial-data with template-driven formats.

  • Spot and address quality issues, and improve compliance.

  • Attract potential sponsors and CROs through transparent processes and metrics-driven performance data.

Bio-pharma sponsors and CROs

Cytestream leverages smart technology to support bio-pharma sponsors and CROs with drug development goals. Our high-functionality, robust solution can be deployed across a network of trial sites, giving you greater control and visibility into each step of the trial operations.

Use it to:

  • Plan and select sites objectively, based on metrics such as performance data, quality indicators, etc.

  • Define, document, and share all study-related information with multiple sites, simultaneously.

  • Get real-time visibility into on-site activities.

  • Use risk-based monitoring effectively – reduce trial spends while maintaining data sanctity.